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Nata Home Fashions

Nata Home Fashions Chunky wool BlanketIf I had to pick the one winter home decor trend that defines the 2015-2016 season, it would have to be the super comfy chunky knit blankets from Nata Home and Fashion. They look amazing – equal parts familiar and futuristic, their inviting knit texture, cheerful colors, and huge pillowy stitches make them just the thing you’d like to roll yourself up in on a crisp January afternoon or evening.

These blankets are the work of Ukranian designer and fiber artist Nataliia Logvinova, known endearingly as Nata. Since introducing this simple, statement making design concept late last year, has gained numerous admirers of her work. It’s easy to see why! Just looking at one of these thick, warm blankets makes you want to melt into it. Each piece is made with care, and with luxurious amounts of the finest quality Australian Merino wool fiber.

Nata Home Fashion Chunky Wool BlanketWhile the super chunky knit blanket is obviously *the* home accessory to have for the New Year, this style translates well to other elements of home decor as well. On Nata’s facebook page, she showcases many of her designs and color options and describes the crafting process of her pieces. Here and in her Etsy shop there are pillows, scarves, and accent rugs, each showcasing the same bold, opulent style and rich colors. Nata appreciates the fact that the success of her craft is a collaborative effort between herself and her fans, and is open to custom orders to create one-of-a-kind pieces to add some bespoke beauty to your home or wardrobe!

If you’ve been eyeing these blankets in magazines and don’t know where to find them, you should definitely check out the Nata Home Fashions Etsy Shop, and follow Nata on Facebook to see what she comes up with next!

Rainbow Crochet Hooks from Sparkling PumpkinFeeling crafty? Here’s a fun new way to add some color to your yarn box and get yourself in the mood for spring!

This set of colorful crochet hooks, designed by Sparkling Pumpkin, are just as practical as they are whimsical. The nine hooks range in size from 2mm to 6mm, great for everything from delicate open woven designs to bold and chunky blankets and scarves. The ergonomically designed non-slip grip handles, made of a safe and durable TPR material, make the grips more comfortable to use. While these do add a delightful splash of color to your crochet experience, even their appearance serves a function – the color coded handles will help you easily select the right size hook quickly even if your craft space is a little less than perfectly organized. Sparkling Pumpkin has even included a special organizer to go with the set, to keep the hooks tidy and looking great on display!

These hooks are a great way to treat yourself to something fun and inspire you to begin all of your creative crochet projects. Even if you are not into crocheting yourself, their spectacular visual appeal makes for a great gift. They’d be the perfect addition to a grown-up Easter basket for any yarn crafting people on your list.

Priced at just $16.99, Sparkling Pumpkin’s array of brightly colored crochet hooks is an affordable indulgence for yourself, or a meaningful yet low cost gift for a fellow crochet enthusiast.

These hooks are available on Amazon here, and where you can also browse Sparkling Pumpkin’s selection of creatively colored crafting essentials.

Sicomar Studios Backseam Stockings with woven word backseamHappy New Year, and something new for your too!

These backseam nylon stockings are anything but basic black. These incredibly sexy, amazingly eye-catching set of stockings are a seductively daring new spin on a classic lingerie style.

Each stocking has a back seam that reads, starting from the top hem down to the heel:
…taste me…tempt me…touch me…tease me…

Definitely a must for the bold! Keep in mind that most of the text will be covered when wearing a modest length skirt, leaving the rest as a surprise for only the one you choose to share it with 🙂

90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.Backseam sexy nylon stockings from Sicomar with printed word backseam
20 denier knit
One size fits most.

I’m so happy to be able to offer these to you. I’ve opened a few pairs of these to check for quality, and while they are sheer, they are a good sturdy knit and should hold up well with wear if cared for properly. The seams are woven, not printed, so there will be no separation or distortion when worn. I’ve seen similar styles for for more than 10 times the price… this is a great opportunity to get a designer look for less!

I hope you love them as much as I do! Perhaps you’ll see more hosiery on here in the future – I’ve found a great supplier.

Sicomar Stockings sexy backseam backtalk stockings package front view Sicomar Stockings sexy backseam backtalk stockings package front view

Another great find that I sincerely hope you enjoy!

This is a d’Arsonval High Frequency Violet Ray Generator, and comes complete in a sturdy (and colorful!) cardboard storage case with the 4 electrodes pictured –

  • comb
  • cup
  • fine point bulb
  • angled bulb

All electrodes light up neon orange when in use!

This is the 110v version, with an American standard plug. If you are in the US or Canada, this means that you can plug this directly into the wall, and not have to worry about finding an adapter!

The d’Arsonval, widely known in the US as the Violet Wand, has been found effective in treating many different skin and scalp conditions. The wand transfers a safe amount of electric current onto the surface of the skin, promoting circulation and allowing much needed oxygen to enter the afflicted area. Provides relief from a wide variety of conditions, such as

  • keloid scars
  • hair loss
  • dandruff
  • moles
  • eczema
  • acne
  • psoriasis

Even if you don’t have any of the serious conditions listed above, the d’Arsonval has been found to also improve the skin’s overall health and texture, and is very useful in removing age spots and smoothing wrinkles. Myself and a few friends can personally recommend this product, but if you own one you are welcome to post your comments and reviews here!

Please not that due to electrical standards, I will only be shipping this product to the US, Canada and Mexico. Anywhere else, please contact me as I can order the European standard plug for you!

Sold in quantities of 1, 5, and 10. Larger quantities available, please ask!


What do *you* want?

Just a quick note to remind you that I am always open to your suggestions when it comes to picking out new products! Feel free to drop me a line at and let me know what you need 🙂 I’ll do my best to hunt it down for you!

I’m looking to expand my selection as always, but right now I’m not really hunting any particular product. Here are just a few things that I’m considering at the moment, so let me know if anything on this list is on yours. I’ll order it for you!

  • latex bed sheets
  • silk rope
  • computer screens
  • stockings and hosiery
  • USB flash drives
  • Blank CDs and DVDs
  • Plant seeds

Not sure what else at the moment, perhaps you have some ideas.

Generally business has been well, and I hope you are enjoying your summer! pradaxa
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