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Estim Therapy Gloves – Compatible with TENS and EMS Units

IMG_3499I’m so glad to be able to offer these! I’m a big believer in TENS therapy, and these gloves are great if you suffer from winter aches or arthritis in your hands. Also, if you would like to deliver an eStim massage, just put on latex gloves underneath the gloves so that the current is delivered wherever you touch.

I personally prefer silver garments to electrodes because they are more sanitary (these gloves are machine washable) and more durable. Socks, undergarments and elbow and knee sleeves are available by special order – just ask!IMG_3508

These gloves will attach easily to most pin-style TENS and EMS units. Snap leads are included!

The gloves come in 3 sizes (it is best to have them tight, but not too tight)

Three sizes are available –


Small – 7.5″ in length


Medium – 8.5″ in length


Large – 10″ in length


Prices start at $15.99


Electro Gloves
Product Options
11 pair$15.99
25 pair$63.99
325 pair$255.99
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Sizes S-M-L
Shipping Rate: A
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