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Black Back Seam Nylon Stockings

Sicomar Studios Backseam Stockings with woven word backseamHappy New Year, and something new for your too!

These backseam nylon stockings are anything but basic black. These incredibly sexy, amazingly eye-catching set of stockings are a seductively daring new spin on a classic lingerie style.

Each stocking has a back seam that reads, starting from the top hem down to the heel:
…taste me…tempt me…touch me…tease me…

Definitely a must for the bold! Keep in mind that most of the text will be covered when wearing a modest length skirt, leaving the rest as a surprise for only the one you choose to share it with 🙂

90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.Backseam sexy nylon stockings from Sicomar with printed word backseam
20 denier knit
One size fits most.

I’m so happy to be able to offer these to you. I’ve opened a few pairs of these to check for quality, and while they are sheer, they are a good sturdy knit and should hold up well with wear if cared for properly. The seams are woven, not printed, so there will be no separation or distortion when worn. I’ve seen similar styles for for more than 10 times the price… this is a great opportunity to get a designer look for less!

I hope you love them as much as I do! Perhaps you’ll see more hosiery on here in the future – I’ve found a great supplier.

Sicomar Stockings sexy backseam backtalk stockings package front view Sicomar Stockings sexy backseam backtalk stockings package front view

BackTalk Backeam Stockings - Black
Product Options
1single pair$4.00
23 pairs$9.00
Shipping Rate: A
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