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E-stim TENS Slimming Buttlerfly Massager

*****Sold Out*****

Need this item? Ask nicely and I’ll happily order more for you!

You’ve seen these things on TV! Just stick them on, turn them on, and they pulse your muscles for you so you can work out without actually doing anything! They work, and they actually feel great too when your muscles are tense. I’m so glad I’ve found these, and I’m told I have the best price on the internet!

* Has 10 intensity options and 6working mode options.
* Four LED display
* Will close automatically after 12 minutes normal staring.
* It will return to “open” status without touching the skin during 3 seconds of normal starting; also it will close automatically during 20 seconds of “open” status without pressing any button.
* Generates electronic impulses when the muscle exercise unit is working.
* Press the ON/INC button again when power is on, the muscle training units start working, the intensity is level one, the mode is mode A.
* It powered by 2pcs Li-ion button batteries, which can last for a long time.
* Color: silver.

Product Details (including package):
weight:58 g
size:16*13*2 cm

Pack including:
1 × Butterfly massage
1 × User manual
2 × Li-ion button battery

As I’ve found these work best in pairs, I’m offering them in packs of 2, 6, and 12. While I have all the colors pictured, I’ll be sending out the colors in random assortment. Enjoy!

E Stim Butterfly Massager
Product Options
12 pieces (colors vary)$9.99
210 pieces (colors vary)$38.99
350 pieces (colors vary)$159.99
Shipping Rate: A

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