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E-stim TENS Slimming Buttlerfly Massager – Sold Out!

Hello People –

Been meaning to post an update for a week now – the Estim Butterflies have sold out! They were quite popular, I’m impressed. Unfortunately, Ebay doesn’t allow the sale of these anymore (they are very strict about health equipment, understandably), so while I’m happy that my direct orders here cleared out my stock, I’m a bit hesitant to order another shipment. Of course, I will by special request, so if you missed out on these the first time just let me know!

I kept several for myself, but I’m not sharing those 🙂 They work wonderfully, and while I have several Estim devices, I often find myself reaching for these when I’m in a hurry and don’t want to be dealing with dials and wires. Plus, the battery life on these was amazing! I am going to work on ordering more TENS pads for them, as those do wear out eventually.

Anyway, I appreciate your business and thanks so much! New products are on their way.


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