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Handcuff Cufflinks – Bronze color

I finally found these! I have a few cufflink loving friends, and quite a few pairs myself, so I was thrilled when I found a reliable, flexible, and cost effective manufacturer of cufflinks. These were made custom for me (though I did not buy back the mold, so we will see where these end up next) and the company let me know that they are happy to do custom orders for me in the future. Perhaps you have a corporate gathering or organization awards ceremony, and you think commemorative cufflinks might impress your guests? Get in touch and I can have some made for you! I can see these being an excellent way to anchor the brand message of luxury goods…

These handcuff cufflinks are a great gift idea for weddings, for anyone in the legal and law enforcement fields, or anyone you might know with an interest in the fetish lifestyle. Cufflinks are the perfect way for a man to make a subtle statement.

Each cufflink measures .75″ across, and 1″ in depth. 3 link fully articulated chain! Standard swivel closure.

I have a variety of finishes available, but this one is Antique Bronze.

handcuff cufflinks Antique Bronze
Product Options
11 pair$2.99
25 pair$12.99
310 pair$20.99
Shipping Rate: A
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